The Timmys
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March 3, 2013
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Hometown: Springfield, Illinois
Genre: Punk
Record Label: Unsigned
Band Members
Tyler Orton - guitar
Wes Selinger - drums
Robbie Kording - vocals
Ian Kelley - guitar
Brandon Carnes - bass
About Us

The Timmys started in Williamsville IL with best friends Wes, Ian and Robbie. Forming, in April 1997, The Timmys played their first show that June. Have played with a ton of great bands over the years and have traveled as far as the Pacific Ocean. With the addition of friends Tyler and Brandon, The Timmys are more rockin' than ever. Currently, the band is selling a new full length album and 2 EPs online and at shows.. All of which are available on iTunes and bandcamp.

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