Ridzkys Departure
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May 14, 2014
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Hometown: Woodlands, Singapore
Genre: Punk
Record Label: Unsigned
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Sick and tired of human's hypocrisy and, attitudes. Bunch of opinionated idiots and, attitudes. Self-centred assholes. Self-glorification when you know, they're the most lamest people ever. Change influenced by fake happiness. Future's still unknown. Yet, it's the self-glorification which had Ridzuan most pissed.

"Ridzky's Departure" is like an exit for me. This is a one-man band. Everything is done by me except for the drums. Ideas were from different drummers I met along the way, and I had the beats done digitally according to those ideas captured. The music that I will be writing, will be full of honesty I guess, not many wants to hear. It will have that same boring punk rock musical structure/arrangements. Punk rock needs to be maintained and in my case, I rather have a pop twist to it

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