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Unveiling The Underground - 2015
The Unveiling The Underground Compilation is so much different than anything else Rise Or Die have ever released because of a few different elements. First off, Rise Or Die has never released a jewel case packaged CD and this time itís a double disc set inside of a jewel case. Also at the same time Rise Or Die have a 16 page booklet describing each of the bands and their links inside the Jewel Case so this is really a collectorís item for underground music fans. Another really cool thing Rise Or Die has decided to do for this compilation is advertise it in Alternative Press magazine! This is so exciting for Rise Or Die because Rise Or Die remember first hearing about AP at Warped back in í07 and Rise Or Die has always dreamed of being part of it so this was huge for Rise Or Die. The last point that separates this compilation aside from all the others is that while Rise Or Die are giving the compilation album away for free at the tour, Rise Or Die is accepting donations in which Rise Or Die will be bringing to the MusiCare nonprofit organization.
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