Joined Arm The Pit
February 11, 2014
Hometown: Glascow, Scotland
Genre: Metal
Record Label: Witches Brew
Band Members
Stephen Matulevicze - Vocals
Calum Henderson - Guitar
Greg Corlett - Guitar
Keith Henderson - Bass
Matt Storry - Drums
About Us

The brainchild of Calum Henderson and Greg Corlett, Amok formed in early 2004. Angered by the metal nonsense bred out of the early noughties, the brief for them was simple: write and perform some of the heaviest and most relentless songs possible! Intense writing, practice and home-based recording provided a solid foundation and within no time a strong line up was formed.

With the pieces in place, Amok commenced their calculated attack on the unsuspecting Metal Scene. Planting the seed by spreading the word through the then-flourishing social media circuit along with an old school fly posting campaign, the news was out and the battle lines drawn. A hectic gigging schedule throughout their native Scotland followed, coupled with the release of demo tracks as Amok set out to convert the metal masses and catch the attention of the congregation. The band quickly became famed for their over the top and memorable live performances, increasing their already growing popularity and making them a staple within the Glasgow Metal Scene. Throughout their early gigs, blood was shed, bones broken, vomit induced and equipment smashed to pieces as the boys continued to make their statement of intent known.

With the emergence of the Thrash Metal revival in the UK, Amok ramped up their barrage and invaded the rest of Britain. Stellar live performances showcasing new material let the rest know that the rumour was true and Amok where indeed a force to be reckoned with. Their hard work, determination and rising profile saw them duly rewarded with several high profile support slots paired with positive media exposure throughout the internet as well as a favourable mention within UK Metal Magazine Terrorizer upon, the release of their final demo 'Operation Thrash'.

Fast forward 4 years from their conception, to 2008, and Amok finally released their debut album 'Downhill Without Brakes'. This self-funded 40 minute offering encapsulated the fine-tuned and distinctive sound Amok had honed over the years. Unbeknown to Amok, within this release they had written what would soon become a cult anthem among Thrashers in the form of the track 'Thrash Island'. Its amusing, care free lyrics, catchy riffage and chorus hook struck an instant chord with its target audience and helped propel Amok's popularity to new heights. The album received positive reviews all round, both published and blogged, and saw German-based Metal label Witches Brew sign up Amok and promptly re-release 'Downhill Without Brakes', exposing the band to a new market. The album would prove to be hit and go on to be a cult favourite among thrashers worldwide, with downloads, physical purchases and streaming via YouTube still on the increase to date.

In early 2013, Witches Brew called out Amok to release their second album, bringing to an end their exile. With fresh goals, enthusiasm and riffs to boot, Amok made the radical decision to make their first ever line up change to spearhead their new era. This saw founding member and drummer Jamie Bremaneson make way for the incoming powerhouse Matt Storry, an extraordinary talent and close friend of the band. With the new look Amok ready and fired up, work commenced immediately on recording 'Somewhere in the West'. An evolution of Amok's already distinctively heavy, yet very accessible sound: the album fuses together technicality, speed, aggression, power and melody to produce a fresh outlook on modern thrash metal. Telling stories through lyrics of poverty, corruption, addiction, lawlessness and the general deterioration of the civilized human world, 'Somewhere in the West' promises to wipe out any pre-conceived notions of what a Thrash Metal album is, whilst seeing Amok pick up where they left off - forging new paths within the genre and mixing things up.

On 29th November 2013, "Somewhere In The West" was released with Amok putting 'Premium Brand Thrash' back on the menu!

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